The media loves cats! Here’s a sampling of some of the mentions that our films have received:


WebVeeGuide, November, 2015 – Catching up With Alana Grelyak

Rare.Us, October, 2015 – A Must Watch for Cat Owners

Bustle, August, 2015 – What’s the best cat video on the internet?

Cat Channel, August, 2015 – The Golden Kitty

Artnet, August 2015 – Golden Kitty Winner

Verizon, August, 2015 – An interview with Alana Grelyak

You and Me This Morning, January 2015 – Alana and Louie talk adoption on the Chicago news show

WebVee Guide, November, 2014  – An awesome write up about our series.

ATCAD, October, 2014 – We’re a favorite of cats everywhere., September, 2014 – SHABAM!, Sept 2014 – A write up for “Lucy”

I Have Cat, July 2014 – Crepes shows off her sexy and Tamar wonders if Michael exists.

Glogirly, July 2014 – Waffles and Katie discuss how cool cat films are.

Sparklecat, July 2014 – Sparkle the Designer Cat gives a run down on our films

CatWisdom101, July 2014 – Split screens, trick shooting, and Kris and his cats.

Catladyland, July, 2014 – A post about our new partnership with Animalist!

Laughing Squid, May, 2014 – A blurb about CHATastrophe featuring Tree House kitties!

Huffington Post Chicago, April, 2014 – A Front page mention of our work with Tree House and adoptable kitties!

Laughing Squid, April, 2014 – A little blurb about MagiCATastrophe featuring CCR kitties!, April, 2014 – A quick write up about CHATastrophe.

Sparkle the Designer Cat, March, 2014 – CHATastrophe was featured on the Sunday Catinee!, Raining Cats and Dogs blog, February, 2014 – A full-length article dedicated to the filmmakers behind CATastrophes

Sparkle Cat Blog, January, 2014 – Sunday Catinee featuring CATastrophes

Life with Cats, January, 2014 – A full-length article dedicated to “The Inheritance” and the web series

Chicago Tribune, October, 2013 – An article featuring Alana Grelyak and Rocky in anticipation of the Chicago tour stop of the Internet Cat Video Festival

NPR, August, 2013 – An audio podcast that played a clip of “Catalogue” and briefly discussed its writing and score in anticipation of the Internet Cat Video Festival tour kickoff

Buzz Feed, August, 2013 – A discussion of the five nominees for the Golden Kitty Award, i.e. the best of the fest at the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival

WebVee Guide, August, 2013 – A discussion of “Catalogue” and how it lead to doing more for homeless animals

Animal Planet feature, August 2013 – Animal Planet ran “Catalogue” on their site during the CatVidFest

USA Today, July, 2013 – A preview of CatDance 2014

Good Morning America, January, 2013 – A video clip featuring “Catalogue” on the popular morning show

The Daily Beast, January, 2013 – The seven funniest cat videos of Cat Dance

Steve Dale’s Pet World, January, 2013 – Discusses Catalogue’s message of adoption

Life with Cats, January, 2013 – Devoted a page to “Catalogue”


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