CATastrophes: (pl) Noun. Any situation where cats appear unexpectedly, bringing with them the quirkiness, cuteness, and conflict that only a cat can bring.

reenactment_mbReenactment: My Cat Got Me Fired – This is the story of Michael Bremer, a man whose shower (and cat) changed his life.






Cats Vs. Zombies, The Feeding: Alana and Kris find out just how important it is to keep your cat happy during the zombie apocalypse.




Sin Kitty: You’re gonna love this kitty, baby.





Lucy the Cat: We found this footage of a couple and their cat. We still can’t find the couple. See what happens when a cat can use almost 100% of her brain power.


special_airpawsShark Week: Air Paws : Check out this never before seen footage of the elusive shcats and shkittens!




Chrono1-1ChronoCATastrophe: It’s 2009…but it shouldn’t be. Clover and Kriis are transported back in time after petting Wellington (played by Lil BUB) and have to find their way back to the future before it’s too late.



chatastrophe_slider1CHATastrophe: Ken visits frenchat.com to sign up for language lessons, but when his tutor Guy LaFurrr arrives, he’s shorter, and furrier, than expected.



magicat_slider_1MagiCATastrophe: An amateur magician accidentally starts conjuring kittens and realizes he can’t stop.




inheritance_slider_rev2The Inheritance: Sometimes inheritances are great, and sometimes, they’re Greg. After her aunt dies and bequeaths Sylvia her most precious item, Sylvia changes her lifestyle to suit the needs of Greg the cat, only to find out that his needs might not all have been his idea.


catalogue_slider_1CATalogue: Miriam and Ken order a bedroom set from a catalogue, and it appears EXACTLY as pictured.


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