But Why?

Why do we make these hilarious videos about cats? Because it’s fun! Because it brings us joy to do it, and we hope that it brings you a little bit of happiness to watch them. And it’s a great way for us to help promote adoptable cats and animal welfare in a light-hearted way, while showcasing rescues we think are doing an awesome job.

Animal welfare is a serious topic, we know, but we feel like there are enough videos out there that tug on the heartstrings to get your attention and we wanted to try a different approach that won’t make you  want to change the channel.  This is our way of bringing to light topics that are important and spotlighting rescues that are doing great things to promote a no-kill future.

Oh, and we also want you to adopt more cats. Because they’re great.

(Dogs, too. We also love dogs.)


meet the rescues

Promoting the rescue of cats everywhere.

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