About the Team

Michael Gabriele: Creator, Director, Editor.

Michael loves cats and he loves directing, and this was the best way he could think of to combine his two passions. A filmmaker since high school, Michael has honed his skills into what you see here. He’s pretty much the does-it-all type and, in addition to the above-listed duties, also handles our color correction, visual effects, and props purchasing, the last of which occasionally gets out of hand, to the chagrin of his wife. To see more of his non-cat-related work, visit http://mgdirector.com

Alana Grelyak: Creator, Writer, Composer, Lead Actor.

Alana loves cats even more than Michael does. In fact, she brought three plus a dog into the marriage and helped them acquire a fourth that’s missing a leg but makes up for it in exuberance. A musician by trade, Alana finds joy in all forms of art, and she’s pleased to be able to bring together all the crazy things people told her to quit doing to focus on a normal job into this magnum opus. She works as a professional musician, composer, and writer and runs CatInTheFridge.com, an award-winning website that promotes the adoption of special needs animals. You can hear more of her music at Alana Grelyak Music.

Kris Flanagan: Lead Actor.

Kris is a standup comedian and actor, and he loves when people ask him to say something funny. He and Alana met in their joint acting class in 2011 and she knew immediately that she wanted to work with him again. Kris happily accepted the lead role in “Catalogue” and has continued to work with Alana and Michael on almost all of their projects since. He’s the recent adopter of two kittens, who are turning out to be great Cactors in their own right. They appear several times in “Magicatastrophe.” Kris runs the Pour Humor show at the Laugh Factory in Chicago. You can visit him at his Facebook page.

Sara Wolfson: Producer, Actor.

 Sara is an amazing actor and has been working with the team since 2011. She’s especially skilled at improv and comedy and appears frequently in Chicago-based theater. She is also an excellent producer, which is apparent in the fact that she has no qualms about waking up at 5 am to make sure everyone on set has coffee and yummies. Sara has two adopted cats, one of whom likes to do terrible things to teddy bears and he doesn’t care who’s watching.

Randall Tockes: Crew/Production Assistant.

Randall is a Chicago based filmmaker and ferret lover, though “cats are pretty awesome too.”  He is the co-producer and editor of a contentious animated sci-fi dramedy, and directs/photographs a number of other film-related projects. He enjoys long walks through the park, when his allergies are not acting up.  Additionally, he wonders why mattresses are always on sale.  Find more of his work on his Vimeo page.

Steven Vandeven: Location Sound, Sound Mixer.

Steven Vandeven has an awesome name that sounds like we made it up but really we didn’t. He’s taken on the tedious task of location sound for some of our larger pieces and completes the final mix on our pieces to give them that extra polish. He owns Static Studios in Chicago, and generously donates his time to worthwhile charities.

Theodore Hahn: Actor.

Theodore loves food, maybe a little more than he loves cats, but he still loves cats, even though he doesn’t have any. He’s always willing to go along with the bizarre ideas that the team throws at him, and has a fabulous attitude, regardless of the situation. Theo loves to eat and write about it and can be found at his blog at The Eighty-Three Thousand.

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