Cat Behavior Finally Explained Wins Golden Kitty

We have done it! Thanks to all our friends and supporters, we won the year’s best cat video award at the Walker Internet Cat Video Festival last night, August 12th, 2015, in Minneapolis. We are very proud and so pleased that the video, which encourages adoption, has been so popular … Continue reading

The Purrminator – Terminator Parody

A lone cat warrior goes back in time to avenge the loss of one cat’s morsels. He gets stuck there and must live daily life. We’ll be trying to utilize this website more, updating more frequently, and making some exciting changes later this summer. In the meantime, enjoy this film … Continue reading

Jurassic Purr: World of Cats OFFICIAL TRAILER

A new breed of dinosaur is coming to the park…  

The Hunger Games District 14 – With A Cat

Alana thinks she has finally discovered the elusive District 13. Unfortunately for her, it’s actually District 14, and it’s run by a cat.  

Super Smash Bros: Kitten Edition!

Alana and Kris unlock the Smash Bros. secret characters and wonder if it would be better if they hadn’t. Featuring foster kittens from Tree House Humane Society!  

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